PPL: A Practical Book About Flying Safely


By Jim Davis

This is a practical, no-nonsense book for everyone who loves flying. It teaches you to make smart decisions in the cockpit so you become a good, safe pilot – regardless of your hours.

It takes the sweat out of swotting. Preparing for your exams is easy and it’s fun. It covers all the subjects: Navigation, Meteorology, Principles of Flight, Radio, etc. There are 500 full colour pages with simple explanations, true life stories, everyday examples, test papers and superb diagrams. It also describes all the flying exercises from pre-flights to precautionaries and from stalls to sideslipping.

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Look Inside

to see why it's so popular with students and instructors

What Makes it Fly Chapter

The wonderful world of aerodynamics made easy - and fun.

Flying Exercises Chapter

The only book that takes you step-by-step through all the flying manoeuvres.

The Aeroplane Chapter

A good, safe pilot understands the mechanics of their airplane. You also get bonus exam questions from PilotTrain.

Radio and ATC Chapter

Good radio work is the hallmark of a good pilot. You also get Additional Aussie-specific content.

Human Performance Chapter

Very interesting and important stuff about how to perform more safely.

Ops & Performance Chapter

Important info about loading and operating your aircraft safely.


Everything you need to know to fly safely... relax and learn.

Shelly Ross
Commercial Pilot & Aviation Writer

Ace your PPL exams. Good reference material for experienced pilots... a new friend.

Stephen Wallace
Aviation Writer

I showed the book to my (non-flying) wife and have been unable to regain possession since.

Bob Grimstead
Aviation Writer, B747 Captain & Self Confessed Type Hog.

International Best Seller

"I first started to read magazine articles by Jim in Australian Flying. His stories of flying in South Africa are both very entertaining & educational. This is why I purchased his book. I own & read plenty of the other Australian PPL training books (you'll know their names) but I was still surprised to learn things that I hadn't seen before. It still has the same Jim style and I enjoyed it very much." - Tony Cook, Goodreads

Student Theory Book

Not just for the PPL.

Jim's PPL book is not just for the PPL. It is a well-regarded theory book for RPL, PPL and LSA pilots. Flight instructors love the layout and use the book regularly in the classroom.

Full Colour Pages

Detailed Diagrams

Flying Exercises

Chapter Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it can’t keep pace with ever-changing regulations – so that section of the book covers the basic international regulations. All the other subjects are well covered.

Absolutely! And it’s the only book that does this. Jim walks you through each of the flying exercises that you need to become a competent and safe pilot.

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